KALT creates a contemporary outer layer with natural functions.


    Why shouldn’t we?
    Using renewable and recycled resources is just the basis! We also focus on local sources and suppliers to keep transport paths as short as possible. We don’t design seasonal collections in order to avoid overproducing and waste resources. Mainly we focus on few high-quality and long-lasting essentials which will hopefully stay with you for ever!

    Our main focus is local craftsmanship and a conscious way of using wool.
    We believe that it is our responsibility to use certified resources and to have a fair manufacturing process as we seek to sell worthy products. Every visible detail of the textile and clothing industry will bring more consciousness to the end-consumers, as it is your choice what you are buying and where your money will go.



    „Cheers to the craftsmanship“

    Our jackets are produced by a small manufacturer in Berlin where the fine handcrafted process behind every jacket guaranties you a high-quality garment.
    The first scarf-collection was hand-woven by a lovely woman in the north of Germany. Each scarf is a one-of-akind product, as we use our icelandic wool which was also spun in Iceland and can show some natural irregularities.
    Our products are manufactured in a mindful way and with a personal touch!

    Natural function, made by nature!
    Wool helps you to regulate your body temperature, protects you from wind and rain and cleans itself naturally. Our garments are made to support your daily life during the cold months, whether you are in the mountains or in the city.



    Wool is a natural renewable resource, which has been used for thousands of years in the manufacture of clothes. One shouldn’t forget however, that wool of any kind comes from living animals which often suffer terribly during their lives in factory farms. Nowadays it is easy for end consumers to lose track of the wide range of wool products on offer.
    We therefore set great value to personally know the origin of our wool. Mulesing-free wool, KbT-wool and GOTS-certifications are standards that are extremely important to us.

    KALT founder Laura Hebbelmann


    Visit the icelandic sheep farm 'Uppspuni' and see where our icelandic wool comes from.